Carbon Neutral

Introducing Carbon Neutral Diet Icon

You may have seen our new “Carbon Neutral Icon” on our online & printed menu. Its a symbolic icon to prove the dish has been analyze and fulfilling the criteria of a low carbon diet. Each individual serving of it helps to reduce the carbon emissions to the environment. What’s better than saving our planet by indulging oneself with nutrious and tasty food.

we are proud to say we are moving one step towards carbon-neutral

This is an excited milestone for us at Salad Atelier, particularly because it ties into the promise we set out in the begining.

We know this is the first step of many in our commitment to protecting our planet. With that in mind, we think what is especially significant about going carbon neutral is it not only mitigates our current impact but calls attention to that very impact. Ultimately, this helps us to take responsibility and see how we can do even better moving forward.

What is Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that causes global warming and climate change that is destroying our planet. It is well understood that meat production has a big carbon footprint.

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Let's Go For Carbon Neutral Diet!

As part of our promises, our first step is to offset the unavoidable emissions by preventing carbon emisions created elsewhere.

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Every Single Effort Counts
We challenge you in helping the enviroment by eating seasonal, local, and plant-based. (91%) of our menu was specially designed and created under No Beef, Vegetarian, & Vegan Diet. Each meal provides the necessary nutrition base on your requirement with minimum carbon footprint. Together, let’s make the world better for the next generation and more.
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