Why Salad Atelier ?

“Atelier” is a French word
It means “studio” especially for an artist or designer. It symbolise arts and creativity. In Salad Atelier, we believe everyone can be an artist and every bowl of salad is supposed to be a personal masterpiece (Hence, the slogan “Every Bowl’s A Personal Masterpiece”). Be creative, stay creative with us.

“Every Bowl’s A Personal Masterpiece

Salad Atelier is an innovative yet simple concept that focuses on the healthy customizable salad meal available with more than [80] toppings to ensure each salad meal fits the customers’ exact specifications. We created a revolutionary system that simplifies the ordering process thereby creating greater efficiency, customer satisfaction and ultimately brand loyalty.

We committed to creating the best salad option and keep priority in bringing healthy lifestyle.

While we strive to be the perfect salad restaurant to everyone’s needs. We ask a little favor from you to learn about “salad”. So what is considered a perfect salad? Click here for the little guidance from Salad Atelier and start your healthy journey with us.