About Us

To provide healthy, whole food from farm to plate

To make quality and healthy food accessible and affordable to everyone

To promote sustainability and reduce plastic usage

To promote local produce

  • We sourced majority from local farms to provide our customers with the freshest vegetables. 
  • Sourcing locally is our top priority as it helps to boost local economy and uplifting the farmers lifestyle. 

Our celebrity chef from Singapore, Melvyn Lee and dietitian, Wendy Wong (ex KPJ Damansara dietitian) are fully committed to ensure Salad Atelier’s foods are of top-notch quality. 
– [Proper] food texture, [good] flavour, [nice] appearance and last but not least the [balanced] nutrition. In Salad Atelier, we strive to achieve all the above.

Great consistency comes great customer satisfaction. Consistency includes meeting customer expectation and delivering our promise of fresh and quality healthy food.
  • We focus on developing our people to deliver our promise to valued customers. In Salad Atelier, we strive to provide proper welfare and trainings to our employees to help them achieve greatness in their career.
  • We focus on providing value to our customers on their purchase.
  • Outdoing ourselves to give the best to our valued customers.
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